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The Natural Process of Wound Healing

Wound healing without complications is crucial to prevent infection, dehydration or other consequential harm. As a natural process, it is a very complex and well-orchestrated series of events. Learn more about the phases, risk factors which can slow down wound healing and the potential of Regenerative Therapy.

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Skin Cancer and the advantages of Mohs Micrographic Histologically Controlled Surgery

Basal cell, squamous cell, and melanoma carcinomas can re-grow from the residual spurs and branches found under the skin which is not visible to the human eye. However, the complete removal of all cancer cells is of paramount importance. Read about the different types of skin cancer and why Mohs surgery is considered to be the golden standard for treating skin cancer.

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What you need to know about Human Cell and Tissues Products (HCT/Ps)

HCT/Ps are dedicated to treat disease by accelerating the regenerative powers of the body. Those products contain or consist of human cells or tissues. Thus, they are intended for implantation, transplantation, infusion or transfer from one body to another. Learn more about the characteristics, applications and possible effects.

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