What is Regenerative Therapy?

Regenerative Therapy: Embracing your regenerative powers

When injured or being ill, the innate reaction of our body is to heal or to defend. As a consequence, tissue regeneration and wound healing are natural processes of replacing or restoring. They are biological events and occur as inflammation, proliferation and remodeling.

Boosting the process of tissue regeneration

Regenerative Therapies are reconstructive treatment options with the potential to amplify the regeneration, repair or replacement of a patient’s own tissue. The related Human Cell and Tissues Products (HCT/Ps) are dedicated to treat disease by accelerating the regenerative powers of the body. Those products contain or consist of human cells or tissues. Thus, they are intended for implantation, transplantation, infusion or transfer from one body to another.

Within RT, HCT/Ps supplement the cellular restorative process by:

  • providing building blocks for scaffolds to support reconstruction,
  • retaining moisture needed for healing,
  • creating a barrier to protect the regenerative process,
  • stimulating the repair of damaged and injured tissues.

HCT/Ps are minimally manipulated and strictly used for the same function in the recipient as in the donor. We often refer to them as Human Allografts. Those naturally-derived products have been applied for many years for various medical conditions.

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